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..........but if you can't, at least make it humorous for some of us.

case in point:…

as someone on this dumb-ass hip-hop forum I found this on stated:
Allow us to translate (we speak fluent Sad Person): "Babe caught me sleeping." But what she really means is "I caught myself lying about having a boyfriend and then uploaded the evidence to a social media site. I am going to have a very bad day." We just hope one day she finds her Prince Charming, or at least her Prince "Creepily Photographs Women While They're Unconscious."  :laughing:

......oh but that's not all, don't think it's just FEMALES that do this PATHETIC SCHITT.


maybe these 2 should hook up, they're obviously lonely. Hell they should get their invisible e-friends to set the cyberdate that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN up.

Seriously y'all................………


Has anyone seen this yet?

ooo-wee I don't want to say anything else, I don't wanna give anything away, just tell me your thoughts...........:no::lmao:
That's right everybody. It took me long enough due to way too many stupid mistakes and misfortunes (some of which were beyond my control as always) but FINALLY they're done!
A$AP Rocky feat. Main Attrakionz "Leaf"

Clams Casino "Leaf (instrumental)"

I'd like to thank the following for their awesome parameters:

:iconsnupi988: for this:…  --"extraterrestrial being" (used exclusively for the instrumental video)

:iconstebev: who created this: --"The Eye of Ra"  (surprised it even animated on Apophymator seeing that it was rendered in 15C which isn't compatible with the script yet)

:icondawgit: for this:… --"o45"(also featured in the vocal version along with the above one).

and of course thanks to the music artists involved in this as well:

One of my favorite Clams Casino beats. This is the vocal version with A$AP Rocky from A$AP Mob and 2 young chaps hailing from the Yay aka the BAC (or Bay Area California for you square bears and ho' cakes out there) called Main Attrakionz. Instrumental video coming soon.

A$AP Rocky:

Main Attrakionz:………

Producer of the track.

Animation done with Apophysis & Apophymator script.
Coding done with Video Mach.
Post-Processing done in After Effects.
Just in case you have been following the NFL commissioner and the unions finally came to an agreement, for now. Throughout this ordeal there has been some serious injuries, bad calls, and even people taking advatange of the ignorance of the referees, both players and coaches. But the straw that broke the camel's back was Mon. night's game where the 2 officials couldn't make a decision and the game ended in the WORST possible outcome ever, and the game was marred with horrible calls. It was so bad you had players asking for lie detectors to be administered on other players not to mention casinos refunding their money because of it. The gambling circuit was deeply affected by that ridiculous decision. So since a decision was reached in the wee hrs of Wed. night here's my take on how the process went during the past few days that influenced Roger "Dodger" Goodell's decision:…

i like to thank :iconseductivebyatch: for the Jimmy Hoffa reference....................... is EVERYBODY READY FOR SOME GOOD OLE FASHIONED AMERIKKKAN FOOTBAAAALLLLL!!?!?!????




Greetings everybody! So here are the animated fractals that I've been slaving over and still trying to perfect:……

not too thrilled with the results, esp with the last one. All that static is a pain and needs to be corrected in the coming weeks and months with more practice and renders. Overall I'm pleased with how things are coming along so far.

And now for the people responsible for all the help and resources and moral support/inspiration/advice:

:iconmorphapoph:--for his Apophymator script and boundless patience with assisting me with the numerous problems, esp with the recent one which took almost a MONTH to render due to too many complications to bellyache about here.
:iconcapstoned:--for his assistance and advice.
:iconmynameishalo:--for the flame pack that i used for the 1st animation as well as his inspirational animated clips which you can view here:…
:icontangent101:--for his rotational script and advice on animation (those chumpies will be loaded up later).
:iconwolfepaw:--for her advice over the years as well as moral support and helping to introduce me to Apophysis.
:iconmoonchilde-stock:/:iconcasperium:--for providing the same amt of support, advice, and inspiration over the years as well as schooling me on the finer arts of creating with Apophysis.
:iconlindelokse:--for her ULTRA-AWESOME tutorial on making 2/3D Apoflowers and parameters that i might've borrowed here and there (can't remember because i retweaked them), tuts found here:… flowers)… flowers)
:iconc-91:--for her inspirational  fractals and support in using her parameters to play with and learn from (after all, that's what parameters are there for right?). if i posted ALL of the flowers here it would take forever but here's a few that you might recognize:… retweaked this one so you MIGHT recognize it)… obvious, also one of my favorites)… was a retweaking of this one but during one of my uncontrollable dilemmas the retweaking disappeared. it'll get used another time, trust me)… remembered where my black and red Apo-Soulflower came from--this Apo-Soulflower!!!! :laughing: my retweaking is in this animation)… this one into the blazing sunflower).
:iconbrigitte-fredensborg:--for using and retweaking this
:iconallthenightlong:--for using and retweaking this
:iconepogh:--for some amazing work that i got to use and retweak…;
:iconeresaw:   for retweaking this 2wice… EVIL TRANSFORMATIONS!)
:iconseductivebyatch:--for her moral support and patience with me esp with this recent project. sorry for all the difficulties babe.
:iconbbwjayne:--for providing the same support and inspiration for me. all apologies to you too for being non-existent during this time.

and of course to the equally talented music artists that inspired these animated fractals A Tribe Called Quest and Van Hunt.

i will post my retweakings as soon as i have all of them rendered along with the parameters. thank you 1nce again for everything y'all. now enjoy the show. :popcorn:

EDIT: i ALMOST forgot to than :iconmfcreative: for her tutorials and her heart flame pack: commemorate our 48th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act. we all know the history behind the struggles and hardships that people of all races, colors, creeds, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientation has faced over time in this nation and on July 2nd, 1964 President LBJ signed the Act along with civil rights leaders being present, including MLK and Malcolm X. to mark this occasion my good friend :iconbbwjayne: has comprised a mix of over 70 tracks of speeches, protest songs, and soulful odes written during that time or inspired by it.…

enjoy and always remember...........
yes it's that time of the year where one of us gets tagged and unfortunately it happened to me again by none other than :iconmankoneko: (and when i'm done i got a lil' tag for you lil' lady and it goes something like this--:iconurnaughtygirlplz:). last time i was tagged was a couple years ago and i've been dodging and ducking since like i owe child support. so here's the ruels and questions:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 some people.

Now for questions from me :iconmankoneko:. let's see...
1. What is your favourite colour?
2. Do you like the Avengers?
3. How do you feel in the mornings?
4. Do you like oranges?
5. What is your favourite book?
6. Dandelions or roses?
7. If I invited you to a BBQ party what would you bring?
8. Stargate or Farscape?
9. Helena Bonham Carter?
10. Do you read Shakespeare?
11. Do you write poetry?

here are my answers:

1. that's a toughie but i'd have to say black. i seem to look good in black.
2.of course! HUGE comic book geek over chea. ;)
3.depends on the mood and activities for the day.
4.yes indeedy.:icongrin--plz:
5.anything by Henry Rollins.
7.either Potato Salad and some Buffalo Wasabi Wings or some kind of dessert (Death By Oreo Cupcakes, Cream Cheese Brownies, ect).
9.bony but FAR from a tenderoni.:puke: very good actress though.
10.if i'm in the mood to ado much about nothing during a midnight summer's dream.
11.1nce again if i'm feeling it.

ok NOW i gotta ask 11 random-ass questions so don't be irritated or offended:

ok lemme take this seriously before none of you do.........rebegin:

1.when did you join deviantArt and how long have you been a member?
2.what song/artist do you listen to when waking up in the morning or exercise/what music motiv8s you?
3.if you could travel or live somewhere, where would it be?
4.which historical figure do you relate to?
5.if a bear shits in the woods but nobody's there to hear it, does it make a sound?
6.what's your opinion on this SOPA/PIPA censorship crap? do you think this pathetic govt. will succeed in censoring the Web?
7.what's your favorite thing about summer?
8. if you watch sports, what's your favorite?
9.when's the last time you farted in public (classroom, elevator, supermarket, church, ect)? was it loud or S.B.D (silent but deadly) and did you clear the entire room or get away with blaming someone else? many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?
11.WHO'S THE MAN IN THIS BYTCH!!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

NOW for the 11 people that have to be tagged (sorry folks, this is random so don't hold it against me):

3.:iconseductivebyatch: (sorry babe)
6.:iconaphroditeblue: (also sorry sweetie, SO SO SORRY)
7.:iconlovelizzie: (VERY sorry hun)
8.:icongraffitiismyweapon: (sorry homes)
10.:iconmorphapoph: (sorry homie)
11.:iconbbwjayne: (EXTREMELY SORRY)

let the pain begin!!!!!!!!!:iconwhipplz:
this is a blog my homie :iconbbwjayne: has started a few weeks ago that also has a facebook page. i don't think she posted a blog about it but i'm going to, gotta support the homies. it's a blog she writes that speaks from a big sexy woman's perspective. i know the name of it is Single White BBW but it's for any woman to read, not just exclusive to white women (she informed me that the complaints she got about the name was from big whyte girls, nobody else :laughing: ) so don't trip and cause a race riot in this bytch. she also encourages others to start their own blogs and tell their own stories and experiences. if you like reading musings from an intelligent and beautiful lady then please support this woman. also if you have a chance please swing by her gallery and show some support there as well.
Greetings True Believers!!!! :wave:

ok enough of the cheesy Stan Lee impersonations, down to business....

i just entered a contest recently and would really like your help in winning it. the prize is $500 cash and 2 tickets to the music festival, Camp Bisco, located in Mariaville, NY on July 12-14. i could really use that money but as far as the tickets i would LOVE to go to the festival because some of my favorite bands are there but i have a prior engagement in Las Vegas around that time that was made months ago, so the tickets will be given away as a prize on this site for a contest i'm going to hold given that i win THIS one 1st. so if you REALLY LOVE ME :love::iconlovepowerplz::iconbigheartplz::iconcocoheartplz: and you REALLY wanna see me succeed (because if i win, one of you will too--those tickets) much like i would LOVE to see all of us do then support ya bwwooooyyyyyyy.............…

and what kind of bands/music will be played there you ask?

so run, Run, RUN and vote!!!!! the Forces of Darkness compels you!!!!!!:evillaugh::devil:

ok that was a bit much...........:laughing:

thanx for your support. :iconthumbsupplz:

oh yeah, the name is Dwayne Middleton. can't believe i forgot that VERY IMPORTANT detail. thanx for pointing that out :iconshanamac:
........a cautionary tale:

all that glitters is not gold.

7 WTF Endorsement Deals Featuring Rappers…

you've been warned.:lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:
might as well drop this since it's a part of my childhood:…

along with the rest of youse out there.

aiight so it's taken me long enough to type this up due to school and all so now is a good of a time as any for me to tell everybody how things went for me the past few months let alone couple years. well to shorten the past 18-20 mos i moved from Northern Cali to North Carolina again after having enough of Dwight's irresponsible crap, then after dealing with relatives that wern't so hospitable towards me and my aunt kicking me out a few days after my birthday i found myself back in Texas living with my mom and older brother. that turned sour just like i thought which is why i avoided moving there but had no choice. after spending a few months there and getting in a late-night physical altercation with my older brother Martin my mom booked a flight for me to leave THE NEXT DAY. i opted to move to Tucson, Az. i knew nobody there and had no family and never been to Arizona except passing through on the Greyhound bus, the only person i knew here was :iconseductivebyatch: whom i didn't know that long (i just started talking to her on here in Jan 2010, visited here in Feb 2010 and moved in by March 2010. i know that's pretty fast and that's not how i get down but i literally had nowhere else to go, my options were dry as fuck at that moment and Theresa was too kind to let me move in with here, she was on the phone with me when she heard Martin and I fighting so she knew the situation) but that was ok, we managed to behave like civilized adults and haven't had any serious issues except when i was trying to enroll in school this summer. i thought we were gonna break up and i was gonna end up the exact same way i did Fall/Winter 2008--homeless and struggling and in school. fortunately she gave me another chance and we worked things out and now our friendship and relationship is much stronger than it ever has been. this is evident that you can just meet someone and not know them very well but if you 2 are honest and upfront with each other you won't have to worry about drama or trust issues or anything.

but anyways, with school that was a nightmare. i don't want to get TOO deep into it right now, i just wanna stay focused on recent events so i'll just fast forward to finals. last week i was on the bus headed to my Algebra final on Monday with this STUPID fuckin' teacher. on the way there i'm listening to some music and enjoying myself when all of a sudden someone farts on the bus. i didn't hear it--obviously--but i DAMN sure smelled that stanky shit. i was so pissed, esp. since it seemed like NOBODY was getting off so the doors stayed sealed shut and i couldn't open the windows. right when i'm thinking of the disrespectful creep that blew the bus up this song comes onto my walkman:…

serio? "I'm Dreaming of a Funky Christmas"? et tu Compact Disc Player?:laughing:

this song was playing before it:…

now when someone farted in the middle of it all i could think was "Please God/Allah/Buddha tell me that it's this song stinking up the bus like that". then the Busy Boys track came on and as soon as the high-pitched nasal whiney chorus started blaring all i could do was laugh, which pissed me off more. i'm on a funky-ass bus trying to hold my breath and i can't stop chuckling at the irony. i also didn't wanna look like i was the one who blew the bus up like that so i HAD to stop or fuck somebody up for trying to charge senor fly guy up. i'm telling you this stench was inhuman. at first it smelled like it came from a person then mutated into something chemical or rotten or something, just REALLY bad.  muthafucka had the bus smelling like fire & brimstone and shit. i didn't know if someone busted a stinkbomb as a prank or someone blew a smoking hot hole in the seat of their pants, scorching themselves and the bus seat. can't nobody tell me this dude didn't hurt himself after shooting flames outta his butt. whoever that was should be ashamed of themselves smelling like that. go see the proctologist and get one of those pina colonics or something.

wicha STANKIN' ASS........................:poot:

as far as my exams i might've passed i gotta check on-line to see if i did. i'm not sure how things went the whole semester, i know i missed a few classes and i just dropped my Screenprinting class altogether after putting up with that garbage for a month or so. wasting my money on a shitty education is not cool. i feel like i'm being hustled in this bytch. hell i could do a better job teaching the Screenprinting class than that fraud calling himself an instructor. i know a dopefiend doing a half-assed job when i see one.:laughing:

ok i'm gonna stop right now and right here, i gotta fix something to eat and get something cracking on these Christmas presents i've been trying to make for people for a fuckin' month. my soldering kit came in the mail yesterday FINALLY. talk about last min shit....................these presents may be late but at least they'll get them, hopefully BEFORE next Christmas. guys and gals enjoy yourself for Christmas Eve and Christmas. have plenty of egg nog on me (no more for me, after polishing off half a carton of that stuff my belly was bubbling like cooked-up dope for SEVERAL HOURS. things seem to be all quiet on the Western Front & Rear today :lmao: ).

p.s. Theresa also took some photos of me before she left last week of me in front of our Christmas tree...................

....................with no clothes.

everybody knows how i am about having my photo taken with clothes ON. this was very hard and difficult for me trying to get over that hangup of mines. if anyone wants to see them and drop some critiques or opinions or love or whatever you can go to her gallery and check them out (1nce again this is fo' da ladies in the hooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuse...................):…

will not be responsible for anyone going blind and getting sick off my ugly butt-nakedness. :puke: baby bro "supa" chris and his wifey-fo'-lifey melinda are starting a new business that deals with a photo booth and parties. they need at least 25 people to like it on facebook in order for them to keep their url. i think they're a few short of that so if you people can PLEASE swing by and check it out as well as click the "like" button:…

i could also talk about ALOT of shit that has bothered me or stuff i found funny or ridiculous but i'll save that for another time. getting ready to watch that UFC Fight Night match tonight. for those who don't have cable (like me) or who might be working/studying tonight but have internet access here's the link to view the fight:…

ok obviously i'm on a roll with these journals lately but this one is appropriate for the holidays so i had to drop this on your dome skillets, some festive music for this auspicious occasion:

Christmas Week Day 5…

Christmas Week Day 4…

Merry christmas! Some old school radio shows and live tapes to get in the mood

The Ultimate Motown Christmas Collection

Audio: Mayer Hawthorne "Christmas Time Is Here"…

[KPM] Alan Moorehouse - Christmas Party (KPM 1052) (1969)…

and for the younger generation, some gangsta rap christmas carols:

Various Artists - Christmas on Death Row (1997) [FLAC]…

happy holidays!!!!!:santa::iconreindeerplz::holly::iconchristmastreeplz:
this is one of those events that come around every so often. i've seen about 2 in the 90s that were probably 5-6 mos. apart and the 1st was being overshadowed by saturn's rings. man i can only tell you just how tremendous the psychic energy i was picking up from it was.............i went to work the next day supercharged! i was receiving information and reading people's minds and in tuned with their spirits like a muthafucka. this might be just what i need to pick me up and recharge my batteries as well as the rest of the world. don't miss out on this everybody! please make sure to pass this on ok?…

i can guarantee you shutterbugz up in here are gonna take advantage of this and i want you to! show me and the dA Universe what you got!!!!!
ahhhhhh yes, just when you thought the madness was over............

since it's that time of the year i decided to drop some blog pages and websites that contain music so this will be a present for ALL of my dear friends and your family and loved ones here! the links will be in no particular order but will have descriptions of what genre it is so you'll know what you're dealing with. some of these links i have broken off to a few members here so i'll add some new shit. have fun!!!!!!

92bpm   &n… best leftfield hip-hop, dubstep and experimental music around the world along with music news)

okayplayer  … you don't know about this site already then get familiar with it. hip-hop, funk, r&b, soul, and other acts and music news. also check out their sub-sites okayafrica and large up)

tumblklaat! &n… and hip-hop tracks to listen to and also to download)

cosmopolyphonic radio… based in japan showcasing the best leftfield hip-hop, dubstep/UK grime, house, neo-soul and other funky futuristic sounds in the galaxy)

HVW8 podcast  … created by tyler gibney of the HVW8 Art Installation collective featuring special guest DJs and musicians/producers)

Jazzman Records… of my favorite record labels based in the UK, they also have a podcast on their website that you can download. tons of rare groove, funk, jazz, salsa, boogaloo, library music, and other goodies and oddities)

diamonds in the dust… of the best mash-ups i've heard in ages. this dude is very very talented)

jam magica &… best and rarest afro-beat and high life on the web. definitely worth checking out)

pathway to unknown worlds  www.nightofthepurplemoon.blogs… ecclectic mix of genres. whether you like reggae, afro-beat, hip-hop, folk, funk, classical, electronica, rock or all of the above and more then this site is for you. there is also a search engine on the right that says capt. crawl. type in the band of your choice and a page will pop up of all the bands albums and singles along with the pages their featured on WHICH MEANS MORE BLOGS to rifle through and plunder at your leisure)

ramones on &… fan blog page from brazil based on the ramones. lots of their albums, concert footage and demos to download as well as interviews and stories)

american hardcore: 24 hrs. of hardcore… site is based around the book "american hardcore: a tribal history" written by steven blush. recently he posted a page FULL of hardcore punk songs by bands featured in the book. it was available for download as well as to listen but the old server site kept crashing due to too many people downloading and listening at the same time. now he's on a new host site but all you can do is listen. fortunately for me since i don't have quicktime downloaded and installed i don't have that to worry about, it was getting in the way of me downloading music anyways so i removed it. if you're lucky like i am you'll be able to as well, if not you can still stream it from this page)

likembe &nb… dope-ass afro-beat and west afrikan high life to boogie down to)

the unheard music &… of rarities and private pressings of music that has fell under the radar)

metal minos… of metal for the headbangers to rock out and thrash to)

metal prudence… blog based in brazil or portugal. more metal to grind your bones and gnash your teeth to)

old school hip-hop tapes… school hip-hop flavor to savor)

funky 16 corners… of rare groove, funk, soul, salsa, reggae and more music from a bygone era to get lost into)

this will be all i will post for now. if i keep this up as you can see it'll continue for a loooooooong while. i might post another journal like this if this becomes a popular thread for you guys. enjoy! happy holidays! :santa::holly:
ok i figured since i haven't uploaded alot of artwork or written any journals in a while it was time for me to drop about 2 blogs here until i do post some artwork which will be based on a commission job. as you can see by the title it's based on pick-up lines. some are clever while others are absolutely abysmal. for the ladies who have to endure this torture i apologize on behalf of the cornballs and mark-ass busters torturing you with that ho' cake spirit of theirs. here are the WORST ones in my opinion.

10. "Heaven must be missing an angel/I didn't know angels could fly so low".
this is pretty cheesy and that old r&b song back in the day didn't help either.

9. "If I was to rearrange the alphabet I would put U & I together".
somebody flunked out of grade school to display their ignorance like this thinking it was gonna impress the ladies and get them laid. women don't respect dumb-asses.

8. "Girl your feet must be tired because you've been running through my mind ALL DAY LONG."
i'm pretty sure whoever used this line got his answer when whichever fly honey he crack this on did a 180, pulled a fred flinstone and YABBA-DABBA-DOO'ed up out that bitch.

7. "Damn baby you're thicker than a Snicker."
this would be clever and funny if it wasn't named after a black porn series.

6. "Say sweetheart what's your number?"
"I'm sorry, I already have a boyfriend."
"Really? How long have you had that problem?"
if a woman states she has someone, forget it. just drop it because you aren't gonna get somewhere. all that trying to prove you're "the biggest pimp of 'em all y'all" is gonna get your ass stomped into sangria wine. salud!:iconwineplz:

5. "Girl you must be from Tennessee because you're the only 10 I see".
can anyone say "chili con CORNY"?

4. "I wanna put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit/I wanna suck you like a (smoked) neckbone!"
this may have worked back in the day if you lived in the midwest or the derrty derrty but these days women will look at you like you're jeffrey dahmer.

3. "Girl you look so good I'd drink a tub of your bathwater."
UGH!:puke: this is just disgusting. nikka while you're at it why don't you offer to drink her toilet water after she takes a deuce-deuce? :shithappens:

2. "Say baby, what's your sign?"
the absolute WORST pick-up line ever! we all know what the response to this line is--"STOP SIGN MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!" of course this should've been #1 but i heard one recently that just topped this one and all the others.

and the #1 WORST PICK-UP LINE IN HISTORY ISSSSSSSS........(drumroll please)

1. "Damn baby you're stacked like dirty laundry."
man all i wanna know is who the bonehead was that said this so i can ask if he still has all his teeth or equipment, NO WAY any woman would be flattered by this.

fellas--if you used any of these lines and are still single and living in your momma's basement there's no need to wonder why that is, you gotta switch your gameplan up. the fly girlies don't settle for crumb bums...........wait a sec, from the way most women have lowered their standards lately i might be wrong. crack one of these lines and see how far it gets ya THEN come back and tell me about it.

ladies--if any looser approaches you with these lines RUN AS FAST AND AS FAR AS YOU CAN. don't fall for the lamer-than-a 3-legged-donkey game these cornballs try to bust on youse. you're worth more than that, esp. since i say and know so. drop kick them in the nutz/dentures and keep it pushing!

p.s. if anybody has any terrible pick-up lines to share please feel free.
sorry, had to get that off my chest.

man i don't get it. i just don't get it at all. all these years and people still run out to vote like their opinion counts or will make a difference which we all know by now it won't. yesterday's hoopla and 3-ring circus in the form of 3 political parties--the GOP republicans (who hate the fact that they aren't in power and have raised a stink about it since by being difficult and throwing tantrums whenever they can), the democrats (who are behaving more and more like ho' cakes that still hasn't figured out they're in power this go 'round), and the fuckin' biggest retards of them all the tea party (who claim to be independent but are really a offshoot of the republican party, the REAL independent party has all been forgotten lately). when i look back at this year's mid-term elections i don't see laws being passed to benefit this country or the citizens, i don't see changes being made for the better, all i see is a power struggle by rich elitist assholes with too much time and money on their hands making a mess of things and a mockery of what this country supposedly stood for. so in case nobody heard or noticed the GOPs took the senate over damn near by force with some help from the tea party bucketheads while prez obama stands in front of cameras looking defeated and dragged like the air was let out of all his tires. showing that type of vulnerability in front of these wolves and vultures isn't a good thing, they'll hop on that like a bum on a grilled cheese sandwich. when people smell weakness or defeat in the air they'll stop at nothing to make sure they get the tide to turn in their favor. if he thinks he's gonna get ANY cooperation from these idiots he can forget that shit because if they gave him this much trouble for the past 2 years he can bet the next 2 are gonna be worse. it was bad enough he was struggling with his own party with those "blue dog" democrats crossing over to the red team not to mention other contemporaries disagreeing with him on issues like health care like nancy pelosi who is now gone. then there are these FUCKIN' teabaggers that i can't stand nor overstand for the life of me. they claim to "take america back!"--but from who? why wasn't they doing this shit when the republicans fucked everything up WORLDWIDE for 8 years? why act now? it doesn't make any sense and all of them, if not the majority, are republicans so i really don't trust them. the speaker of the house boehner is a teabagger, tim scott the black GOP who won in s.c. (south carolina) is a freakin' teabagger (MLK, malcolm x, frederick douglass, harriett tubman, thurgood marshall and ALL the black leaders all over the world are doing somersaults in their crypts right about now) among a few others and they claim to be representing the american people and saying that they'll agree with what the republicans do but will look over their shoulders to see if they're gonna be helping the people out. yeah right, highly unlikely. i remember this past march when marvel comics capt. america was gonna release issue #604 which dealt with a investigation of the tea party and their ties with white supremacy. the same day they released it on the shelves in bookstores and newsstands they pulled them. marvel also had to release an apology to the tea party for this issue and now it's been banned forever. rep-elect renee ellers of NC stated that a watchdog composed of tea party members will be implemented to make sure that the GOPs will do what the tea party wants which is limited govt., reduced spending and focusing on the constitution. if i'm not mistaken they violated the 1st amendment--freedom of speech. if a comic book company can't release a issue because they might look bad then something is seriously wrong here. don't expect them to be looking out for our best interests.

a couple other things that stood out to me from yesterday's election was the state of iowa or idaho voting out 3 judges because they legalized gay marriages there. damn that's horrible. those voters definitely wasn't trying to live in the present that's for sure. i'm not gay or lesbian (hard for me to be one even if i can't get enough of the fly honeys) nor do i care what they do in their private lives, if they wanna get married then so be it. why is it anybody's business what they do in their spare time? these people don't have a life so they gotta ruin someone else's or are they jealous because THEY aren't getting any sex in their lives? unnecessary and ridiculous, i just don't get that at all. something else that has been getting ALOT of attention is california NOT passing prop 19 which would've decriminalized marijuana to the extent that you could carry less than a oz. of weed without getting in serious trouble, just a fine and that's it instead of being locked up AND cited. that's costing the state alot of money to process all these offenders just for having a 1/8th or less of weed. next to prop 8 this is yet another law that is costing the state BILLIONS if not millions. do you know how much the state budget would be cleaned up if they fined people for possession of a joint or a baggie of weed or legalized gay marriages? instead of thinking like that they're just gonna cost the state more and more money. trust me come next year around january the dumb-asses in sacramento are gonna be arguing and yelling and crapping themselves over this to come to the same resolution: cut more programs, raise taxes and prices on stuff and piss more people off. things under gray davis and pete wilson were NEVER this bad, the governator is fuckin' everything up. he's making it to where rich people get richer while poor people get broker by the day. what do you expect--it's the republican way.

the article i read a few weeks ago on this subject on prop 19 which is why i believe it never got passed:…

bullying tactics is all that it is.
man it's been a min. since i wrote one of these and i've been meaning to but have been putting it off. seems like half the journals i've written have been depressing so i wasn't trying to go that route and took a break, that and just gotten kinda lazy with that along with my artwork due to depression and all. after yet more bullshit being dealt to me by more dumb-asses as well as having to get my laptop and theresa's desktop repaired for a week i decided to get busy on some stuff and to stop getting so down on myself. what prompted me to write this is whilst going through my yahoo e-mail acct. deleting stack after bloody stack of spam i found a e-mail from my twin via facebook and saw that he uploaded a garish photo of me from my visit out to so. cal in sept. to pick up my belongings which included artwork and art supplies (unfortunately my clothes weren't a part of it, i guess he left those behind when he moved. thankfully i already have clothes, that would've taken up more space but my sneakers that i tagged were in the box with the clothes so they're gone) to which i'll upload. the funny part of the photo is how he describes that i'm happy in life but i look miserable in the picture, the complete opposite of happy. i guess i'll explain what that is all about as well as why my hair looked so crazy.

so theresa--:iconseductivebyatch:--and i took a road trip to so. cali so she could have a doctor's appt. and i could retrieve my stuff. i really didn't feel like visiting dwight because we were at odds and i was just so irritated and pissed with him and how he's treated me the past several years, our relationship is COMPLETELY strained as well as estranged. well i made it to pasadena at 4 or 5 in the morning and woke him up much to his chagrin. he definitely wasn't pleased with this and voiced that to me. by bitching and such being paranoid as usual. all i could think of was getting my shit and leaving. while there i washed my hair (hence the rehab look) and just relaxed and tried to be cordial with dwight but no matter how i felt i couldn't overlook a few facts:

for one, he was living alone in some house in pasadena converted into a tenement where people rented rooms. the floor was made of hardwood and that's where i slept for 2 days in a sleeping bag which is why i looked despondent and grouchy. that was so depressing having to see him in such a state because i know what it was like to live on your own all alone with no family or friends and i despised it. nothing more depressing than that. there was no way he could've convinced me that he wasn't happy living there surrounded by strangers.

the next thing is what happened wed. night which terrified me as well as something else i noticed being back in so. cal--the place has gotten worse. people are complete jerks and are rude to one another in one form or another. he was having problems tues. trying to get a job or interview as a security guard despite the fact that he has years of experience and certified. whatever office he was calling was giving him the rigmarole and trying to scam some money off of him for some other bullshit. i know california is broke and all but that's just ridiculous. then when he was returning from school wed. night some asshole sideswiped him with his car while he was on his bike. he crashed on the sidewalk and the driver jumped out all frightened and hysterical saying "OH MY GOD!!!! are you ok?" dwight was like, "yeah i'm fine." this asshole goes, "oh, ok" and hops back in his car and leaves. there were witnesses around and they pretended not to see what happened. fuckin' pissed me off. of all the times these nosy-ass muthafuckas wanna be in everybody's business they choose that moment to behave like what happened was none of their concern. that shit scared the hell outta me. i would've never known what happened at all unless i got a call from the police or a family member. at that point i just had to stop being rude towards dwight and try to mend our relationship. i may have 4 other brothers but i only have 1 twin. i told myself after that to stay in contact with him as much as i can instead of ignoring him like i usually did and to help him out when he needs it or if i'm able to. i can't be cold and unfeeling towards him anymore, that's not cool and i can't harbor feelings like that in my heart no longer. all it will do is tear me apart and drive me insane. i already visited him again earlier last month and plan on visiting him for the holidays seeing that he'll be alone and all. he asked me to move with him to strong beach but i'm not THAT crazy! i know it'll be better if we just stayed apart for now, everytime we live together things are ok for a month then they get sour really fast. plus i'm so burned out on cali, i can't stand living out there having to put up with dumb-asses who are just as miserable and can't cope with those feelings and feel like the only way to deal with them is by taking their frustrations and insecurities out on other people that have NOTHING to do with their problems which results in a vicious cycle of anger, hatred, jealousy, animosity and insecurity and i don't want no parts of that. it's their fucked-up lives and THEY should deal with that on their own. i got enough problems already i don't need more being heaped on me by stupid weak losers that are too immature to take a look in the mirror and take full responsibility for their actions and dilemmas.

so i'll have a photo posted of the both of us theresa took thurs. morning in sept. before we left and after we loaded the truck with my stuff. it was good to see dwight and silently resolve those issues within myself. it was definitely something that needed to be done and only the beginning. there is still more work to be done and i'm not gonna give up or roll over and die in some dark corner, that's what the enemy wants me to do but they're gonna have to try harder than that to keep senor fly guy down. i also am gonna upload a portrait i did earlier this year (god how much old artwork do i have sitting around?) of a dA member that was supposed to be in a magazine but didn't make the cute because it was in color and the deadline was kinda imminent, that and she............well i'll explain in the description. hope you enjoy and please keep the insults to a minimum, i know i look really bad.:ashamed:

so as you can see this is what i have to do with my tag: the roots will be my band of choice.

1. Are you male or female?
i'm senor "You Ain't Fly" guy--who else?:laughing:

2. What do people feel when they're around you?
Silent Treatment.

3. Describe your current relationship;
Long Time--too bad it's not "Pussy Galore":lmao:..........

4. Where would you like to be right now?
Ital (the universal side)

5. How do you feel about love?
You Got Me

6. What's your life like?
Things Fall Apart.

7. What would you ask for if you had one wish?
Good Music

8. Say something wise.
False Media

people being tagged (in no particular order):
well today is my birthday--dec. 7th. as some of you might know this day is "the day that will live in infamy"--the day the japanese pulled a kamikaze mission on pearl harbor in hawaii. well i guess my mom dropped a couple of bombs that day because my twin dwight and i was born. man i can't believe i'm 35 and STILL trying to get my shit together! it doesn't makes sense why things continue to go sour for me but no more will i keep telling myself that the next year will be my year to shine when it becomes just as shitty as the previous year, no more making plans about what i want to do when nothing happens nor changes, no more fooling myself into thinking things will get better or change when all they do is just get perpetually worse. all i can do is take things one day at a time and hope and pray that SOMETHING positive will come out of this. i can't keep going through this any longer. i should have a family, a home, a steady job--alladat stuff. instead i got nothing. but maybe i should be glad i have no children at all let alone a wifey-fo'-lifey or girlfriend right now with the way things are in my life, but still i hate being alone. i don't wanna spend the rest of my life this way, no siree. i just gotta make something happen, a positive change and just hope for the best.:please:
i never really got the whole thing about page views but someone brought it to my attention--:iconsundaycartoons:--that he was the one that was the 10,000 viewer to see my profile/gallery! wow--wasn't expecting that! esp. since i've been on for a little over a year. now i've made it 1-,001. go figure. :laughing: thanx for everyone's support, advice, jokes, hatred and drama that made this happen, no need for me to name names, you all know who you are.;-)